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Thank you, Mr. Rogers: Valuable lessons from a TV icon

By Sandy McDaniel One of my most favored, inspirational teachers is Fred Rogers. His unlimited capacity to love everyone, especially children, and to walk into children’s fears and lessen them with awareness and understanding, were unparalleled. He understood that slow, easy talk is what small children need, so their brains can absorb information and ideas…

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The Bell Ringer: Rock concert to play at Civic Center

By Gaye Bunderson Peter Orullian of Seattle took a common holiday figure — one frequently ignored and often merely tolerated — and turned him into a vivid character that is the central figure of his new show, The Bell Ringer. The Bell Ringer is part rock, part symphony, and part Broadway. “It’s not a play…

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The Family Vehicle: Getting your car ready for winter

Caption for Alex Hunter Pic: Detail technician Alex Hunter uses an orbital buffer to bring life to oxidized paint. Buffing is the first step in producing a mirror-like finish to your car’s exterior. (Photo by Dennis Lopez) By Dennis Lopez Next to your home, the family car is probably one of your biggest purchases. And,…

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