Start Each New Task or Event with a Reminder

July 15, 2022 |

“I just want to be able to go to the store and pick up a few things without it turning into a huge battle.”Right? You have a plan, it’s not unreasonable. A few errands, get a few things at the store on the way home and then maybe even have time for a quick treat.…

Training for success
Why chores are important for children

July 8, 2022 |

By Sandy McDaniel A parent is training each child to be a successful human being. Success in one’s personal life usually involves living in a home or apartment, which must be cared for. Beds need changing, dishes need washing, floors need mopping, furniture needs dusting, bathrooms need cleaning, rugs need vacuuming, etc. If your children,…

Positive parenting
Try saying this, instead of that …

July 8, 2022 |

By Cara Johnson-Bader Let’s face it, being a parent isn’t always easy. It can be stressful, and at times it can test your patience tremendously. In moments when you are stressed or your child is having a meltdown, temper tantrum, or simply not listening, it can lead to frustration for you. In those instances, you…

Throw a party
Don’t spend a big bundle of cash

July 8, 2022 |

By Melanie Nelson Why is it that birthday parties always end up costing more time, energy and money than you planned? I think that sometimes, as moms, we get caught up in the “Pinterest-Perfect” mindset, meaning that everything has to look and be perfect in order for anyone to have fun. I, too, get caught…

Teaching kids a love of the natural world

July 8, 2022 |

Caption for Children in Outdoor Preschool: Children in the Outdoor Preschool program enjoy playing and learning in nature at the Foothills Learning Center. (Photo provided by FLC) By Gaye Bunderson Nature surrounds us and, yet, we frequently fail to experience it to the fullest. Helping people of all ages get the most from nature’s bounty…

Summer fun
‘Messy play’ and its many benefits

July 8, 2022 |

By Macaile Hutt Summer is now here after what felt like an endless cold season, so I thought it would be fitting to share some fun and easy summer activities to get outside, promote messy play, and stimulate the sensory systems of our kiddos. It’s important to encourage messy play anytime we can to help…

Your newborn & you
Meet the challenges of traveling with baby

July 8, 2022 |

By Heidi Christianson As parents start feeling more comfortable getting out and about with baby, it may be stressful to think about travel, especially when it comes to keeping little ones on their nap and sleep schedules. Don’t let the prospect of baby getting off schedule worry you, though; here are our Top 5 tips…

Purses with a Purpose
Bringing hope (and items) to women in need

July 8, 2022 |

Caption for Lots of Purses: Launee Wolverton’s grandchildren sit with an array of purses donated to their grandmother’s ongoing project for women: Purses with a Purpose. (Courtesy photo) By Dennis Lopez I guess I can blame my mother.I was never allowed to touch my mom’s purse, let alone plumb the depths of its many pockets,…

Real Money, Real Families
Forget concerns, try greenlight investing

May 2, 2022 |

Potential readout (cuz it’s attention-getting): “Investing is actually a huge potential green light in your life because it’s fun to be rich, not actually as hard as you think, easy to start, and doesn’t take a lot of money to get started.” By Luke Erickson I recently read “Greenlights,” an autobiography by actor Matthew McConaughey.…

Top 5
Must-haves for your baby … and why

May 2, 2022 |

By Heidi Christianson There are many lists and must-have items for expecting parents, but how much of this baby gear do you really need for the first six months? Besides a safely installed car seat, diapers, and breast milk orformula, here are the top 5 must-haves for parents-to-be: Co-sleeper: Instead of a crib, which might…