Prepare your kids: Careers in an AI-driven future world

January 7, 2022

By Kimberly Blaker Many parents today never experienced a world where computers weren’t a standard household fixture, let alone a world without the internet. When the World Wide Web first became available to the public in 1991, it was archaic compared to today. Yet at the time, it was quite the phenomenon. But the rapid…

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Shake it off: A simple way to cast off life’s stresses

January 7, 2022

By Macaile Hutt With the holiday season wrapped up, many of us are feeling the “come-down” from all the madness that time often brings. We feel excited and hopeful for a new year, but sometimes we still find ourselves carrying some of the weight and heaviness from the past year. It’s hard to feel both…

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Winter movement: 7 activities the whole family can enjoy

January 7, 2022

By Cara Johnson-Bader Looking for ways to keep you and your child active during the winter months? Well, we have a few ideas for indoor and outdoor winter movement games and activities. Here are some of our favorites. Outdoor Winter Movement Games• Go on a winter-wonder walk. Enhance your walk by playing “I Spy” or…

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Real Money, Real Families: Driverless finances: make it ‘automatic’

January 7, 2022

By Luke Erickson A few years ago, as a brand new starry-eyed financial educator, I believed that I could change the world through financial education. All I had to do was drop some knowledge on people who really needed it and they would instantly begin on the path toward spending frugally, budgeting, getting out of…

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Wendy Jepson: Honoring her dad by helping others

January 7, 2022

Caption for 2020 Clothing Drive: Wendy Jepson of Boise was motivated to perform acts of service to help address the sadness she felt following the death of her father, John Stutznegger. Shown here is a handwritten sign she erected in front of her home in 2020 to help collect clothing for the homeless. (Courtesy photo)…

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Encore Creative Center: Where families find many creative choices

Caption info: Encore Creative Center student Claire Peterson, right, listens to her sculpting instructor, Rachel Kitzmiller, left. Encore offers a varied list of options for creativity for kids and families. (Courtesy photo) By Gaye Bunderson Proving that even a pandemic can’t pause artistic passion for long (if at all), Danika Starrharrt opened Encore Creative Center…




J.J. Plew is an Idaho born and raised. J.J. and his wife, along with their 4 kids have lived in the Treasure Valley for the past 20 years. J.J. has stayed actively involved in his kids’ activities as a coach, umpire, and volunteer. He enjoys music, dance, sports, and anything fun which helps keep him a kid at heart. J.J.’s desire for Idaho Family Magazine is to be a parenting magazine for the Treasure Valley area, with tips and children’s activities, while also providing a positive and enjoyable magazine for readers. Feel free to reach out to J.J., he would love to hear from you.

Editor’s Intro: The absolute fun of a good scare

October 1, 2019

I crouched under the theater seats, waiting for the zombies to pass by. Live zombies, mind you, not zombies on the movie screen. I was scared; I didn’t want those awful-looking things to see me. My younger sister sat calmly in her seat, looking down on me with bemusement. But never mind that. I didn’t…

Meet Our New Associate Publisher Adrianne!

March 21, 2019

Hello Boise Area! My name is Adrianne Goff, I am the new Associate Publisher for Idaho Family Magazine family. I am very excited to be a part of this creative team! I have worked in the publishing and print manufacturing industries for over 17 years. My expertise spans from print production to project/product development. I am fortunate to…