Sting Ray Robb
Young racer takes time for faith, family

May 2, 2022

Caption for Sting Ray Robb Pre-Race: Sting Ray Robb is an Idaho native whose passion for racing began early in life. At 20, he is a champion with lofty goals for more racing-track wins, but he remains steadfastly committed to his roots, his family, and his faith. (Photo courtesy of SR2 Racing) By Dennis Lopez…

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Top 5
Must-haves for your baby … and why

May 2, 2022

By Heidi Christianson There are many lists and must-have items for expecting parents, but how much of this baby gear do you really need for the first six months? Besides a safely installed car seat, diapers, and breast milk orformula, here are the top 5 must-haves for parents-to-be: Co-sleeper: Instead of a crib, which might…

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You’re not alone
Pause, release, make room for joy

May 2, 2022

By Macaile Hutt It’s been an honor to write for Idaho Family Magazine over the past few years, and I have yet to find myself short on content ideas to write articles about. I have so many thoughts and ideas jotted down in the notes section of my phone, on napkins shoved in my purse,…

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See faces
Building bridges between us, not walls

May 2, 2022

By Sandy Spurgeon McDaniel In my last article, I talked about connection being the way to heal the disconnect all of us have experienced due to the pandemic. One of the things a parent who has a child on the spectrum needs to teach him or her is to read facial clues – happy, sad,…

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River Discovery
Family fun for cancer fighters of all ages

May 2, 2022

Caption for Cody Bryson Family: Cody Bryson took five members of his family on a 1-Day Family Rafting Adventure, courtesy of River Discovery. Rafters included his 6-year-old daughter, Lilah, who previously spent 800 days in cancer treatment. (Photo by Bear Valley Rafting) By Gaye Bunderson The last word you’d ever expect to hear associated with…

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Real Money, Real Families
Forget concerns, try greenlight investing

Potential readout (cuz it’s attention-getting): “Investing is actually a huge potential green light in your life because it’s fun to be rich, not actually as hard as you think, easy to start, and doesn’t take a lot of money to get started.” By Luke Erickson I recently read “Greenlights,” an autobiography by actor Matthew McConaughey….




J.J. Plew is an Idaho born and raised. J.J. and his wife, along with their 4 kids have lived in the Treasure Valley for the past 20 years. J.J. has stayed actively involved in his kids’ activities as a coach, umpire, and volunteer. He enjoys music, dance, sports, and anything fun which helps keep him a kid at heart. J.J.’s desire for Idaho Family Magazine is to be a parenting magazine for the Treasure Valley area, with tips and children’s activities, while also providing a positive and enjoyable magazine for readers. Feel free to reach out to J.J., he would love to hear from you.

Editor’s Intro: The absolute fun of a good scare

October 1, 2019

I crouched under the theater seats, waiting for the zombies to pass by. Live zombies, mind you, not zombies on the movie screen. I was scared; I didn’t want those awful-looking things to see me. My younger sister sat calmly in her seat, looking down on me with bemusement. But never mind that. I didn’t…

Meet Our New Associate Publisher Adrianne!

March 21, 2019

Hello Boise Area! My name is Adrianne Goff, I am the new Associate Publisher for Idaho Family Magazine family. I am very excited to be a part of this creative team! I have worked in the publishing and print manufacturing industries for over 17 years. My expertise spans from print production to project/product development. I am fortunate to…