A tale of two choices: Dual options can produce one outcome

November 1, 2021

By Macaile Hutt As a pediatric occupational therapist, I see a lot of power struggles and attempts to gain control from our tiny clients in the clinic. Over my years of practice, I’ve noticed a trend with children impacted by medical involvements requiring lots of doctor’s visits, surgeries, procedures, or hospitalizations and the attempt to…

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Family of brothers: Thanksgiving near the Korean DMZ

November 1, 2021

By Dennis Lopez There were six of us living in an isolated compound of green Quonset huts not far from the Korean Demilitarized Zone: a staff sergeant, two engineers and three announcers – two Army, one Air Force. It was 1969 and we were the voice of the U.S. Army’s Second Division; we were Radio…

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How kids learn: A child’s playtime is also learning time

November 1, 2021

By Cara Johnson-Bader When children are playing, there’s more going on than meets the eye. Your little one is engaged in learning and brain development. Through play, babies, toddlers, and preschoolers try out new skills, explore their imagination and creativity, enrich their emotional development, cultivate language skills, foster problem-solving skills, and so much more. As…

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Pediatrician-approved: Bath safety tips for infants & toddlers

November 1, 2021

By Molly O’Shea It’s always a wise time for parents to brush up on a few safety tips to keep their children protected in the bathtub. The following are pediatrician-approved bath safety tips for infants and toddlers. Supervision: Children can drown in as little as two inches of water, so never leave a young child…

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National Adoption Month: Children are waiting for adoptive families

November 1, 2021

Caption for Adoptive Family: Kenia, Ian, and Tristan (left to right) are all members of an Idaho adoptive family: mother, son, and father. November is National Adoption Month. Many children are eager to be adopted, and for anyone who’s ever considered adopting a child, now is a great time. (Courtesy photo) By Tina Kierce We’ve…

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Green winter living: Tips for holidays & the winter through

By Kimberly Blaker Taking steps to reduce our negative impact on the Earth is a year-round job. But it can seem much harder during the winter season. Cold weather and long, dark nights, along with holiday celebrations, make it challenging to prioritize planet-healthy habits. Still, there are ways to reduce our impact for a more…




J.J. Plew is an Idaho born and raised. J.J. and his wife, along with their 4 kids have lived in the Treasure Valley for the past 15 years. J.J. has stayed actively involved in his kids’ activities as a coach, umpire, and volunteer. He enjoys music, dance, sports, and anything fun which helps keep him a kid at heart. J.J.’s desire for Idaho Family Magazine is to be a parenting magazine for the Treasure Valley area, with tips and children’s activities, while also providing a positive and enjoyable magazine for readers. Feel free to reach out to J.J., he would love to hear from you.

Wednesday’s Child: Joseph, 17, fond of taking care of animals

November 1, 2021

The following information is provided by Wednesday’s Child, an organization that helps Idaho foster children find permanent homes. Joseph, 17, is an outgoing young man with a passion for riding anything with wheels, including his bike, electric scooter, longboard or roller blades. When he’s not busy being active, he can be found reading novels by…

Editor’s Intro: The absolute fun of a good scare

October 1, 2019

I crouched under the theater seats, waiting for the zombies to pass by. Live zombies, mind you, not zombies on the movie screen. I was scared; I didn’t want those awful-looking things to see me. My younger sister sat calmly in her seat, looking down on me with bemusement. But never mind that. I didn’t…

Meet Our New Associate Publisher Adrianne!

March 21, 2019

Hello Boise Area! My name is Adrianne Goff, I am the new Associate Publisher for Idaho Family Magazine family. I am very excited to be a part of this creative team! I have worked in the publishing and print manufacturing industries for over 17 years. My expertise spans from print production to project/product development. I am fortunate to…