Beware how you use your 'superpower'




By Rocky Detwiler


Did you know that everyone in your family is a superhero? I’m not talking about cape wearing, wall crawling, or matching super suits. Although, matching super suits would be really cool. I’m guessing you don’t realize your superpower, even though you wield it every day, and that’s dangerous because this power can be used to do amazing good or terrible destruction.

What is this superpower, capable of good or evil, which we all carry with us? It’s the words we say to others and ourselves. Our words are powerful! Actually, they are ultra powerful. The most powerful force in the world is in our words, and we plant them daily in the hearts of those we interact with.

My teenage daughter shared a sad story with me recently, showing what can happen when this superpower is not used wisely. A little over a year ago, she began to withdraw from life. She seemed sad or irritable most of the time and like she was just going through the motions of day-to-day life. I was concerned, but the more I questioned or attempted conversation, the more I was shut out. 

I watched from a distance, knowing it’s normal for teens to have their mood swings. I took her to see a professional because she wasn’t talking to me. Then I decided the best course of action was to love on her every chance I got and plant positive seeds in her heart every day.

What I didn’t know until recently is that my daughter had a conversation with a family friend shortly before this period of withdrawal last year. She had been feeling down and battling negative thoughts about herself, so she went to the family friend asking for advice. My teenage girl was afraid there might be something wrong with her and the feelings she was experiencing. She chose to ask a family friend who has suffered from depression for many years. I’m sure this family friend did not mean harm with her words of advice, but those words almost cost my daughter’s life.

You see, this family friend listened to what my daughter shared and assumed my daughter was suffering from the same debilitating depression she suffered from. This friend told my daughter that depression was now a part of her life. Some days may be better and others worse, but the depression would be with her for the rest of her life.

My daughter heard these words and sunk deep into sadness for several months. She couldn’t believe that she would suffer with these negative thoughts and feelings for the rest of her life. She wondered how she could be a wife or mother while suffering from severe depression. She was never diagnosed with depression, yet she spent months thinking she was doomed to suffer with it forever. All because of a few words spoken to her by a friend. Those words were planted in her heart and it took her months to decide that she wanted to prove this family friend wrong. She made a decision to combat the negative thoughts by telling herself she would overcome this, and it would NOT stay with her for the rest of her life. She used her superpower in a positive way.

I’d like to believe that my love and continuous supply of positive seeds helped along this process. Over time, my strong teenage daughter was able to bring herself out of this slump and begin truly living again. She now delightfully engages in our family activities and discussions on a regular basis. She is a true joy to be around and I’m so proud of the woman she is becoming. She now realizes the destructive power carried by those words spoken to her over a year ago.

Words have a vibration and can either lift up or tear down. Words can guide and lead, or sway and manipulate. We form our world by the inner thoughts and words we speak. They are the seeds that take root when their meaning is conveyed.

Since words are the seeds of creation and words define who we become, it is vitally important to harness this superpower each of us carries every day. We must all realize that a positive filter is important when speaking to others and ourselves.

I challenge you and your family to practice harnessing your superpower. Start small with conversations around the dinner table where you each say one compliment to the person sitting next to you. Use your words to uplift each other and be quick to apologize when something slips out that you didn’t mean to say. Plant seeds that will bring life to everyone you interact with, including yourself.




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