Beyond Type 1

Beyond Type 1 partners with Miss Idaho 2014 Submittted by Beyond Type 1 Beyond Type 1, a global non-profit organization focusing on education, advocacy, and curing Type 1 diabetes, has announced the newest extension of its DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) awareness campaign and new partnership with the Idaho Chapter of the

Horney Village

Holiday meaning beneath candy and gifts By Jessica Horney Holidays are a scam. By the time you read this, my kids will either be in an Easter candy coma, or the bitter owners of yet another complaint for their future therapists: “She didn’t even believe in Easter baskets. Easter baskets!” I can’t

Purpose & Passion

Personal branding Living your purpose with passion By Genny Heikka I had a conversation a few months ago with a young woman who’d recently gotten married. She and I we were talking about the phase of life she was in, and I asked her what her biggest challenge was. She

Kids Fighting

No rough and tumble! Do your children fight all the time? By Sandy Spurgeon McDaniel I teach workshops on anger, so talking about fighting is literally the tip of the iceberg. What we need to look at is why we are so angry as a nation. We're all rushing through life, constantly late,

Irene’s Insights-Irene Woodworth

Irene’s Insights Creative décor ideas for pet spaces By Irene Woodworth How do you incorporate your “furry, four-legged kids” in your home’s décor? As I have lived with our two small dogs, I have realized that there are challenges in keeping all of our pets’ belongings in an organized way

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Boise chapter giving beds to more kids Cutline for Sleep in Heavenly Peace Workshop: One of the Boise chapter's Sleep in Heavenly Peace workshops was presented on Mike Rowe's Facebook program, “Returning the Favor.” The group holds “build days” to make bunk beds for children in need in the Treasure Valley.

The Horney Village

When parental 'chutzpah' meets reality

By Jessie Horney

My oldest child is 5 years old, so in terms of parenting advice, I'm your basic punch line. My friends and I talk about raising our children every time we're together, but most of us are early on in the journey, babes in

Grid Paper

Math success Using grid paper to help your child learn By Zoie Hoffman Most of us remember using grid paper (also known as graph paper) in algebra and geometry to create graphs, plot points, and manipulate shapes. For a long time I only associated this paper with graphs and the

Children’s Readiness-Mary Ann Wilcox

Jobs well done Gauging a child’s readiness to perform work By Mary Ann Wilcox A child’s readiness to work is dependent upon his age, his past experiences, his level of skill development, his emotional stability and his physical growth. Often, children are ready physically to handle certain skills but are

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